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These CONDITIONS OF SALE and RETURNS AND EXCHANGES CONDITIONS are very important for detailing what you - the customer - and we - the seller - AGREE TO when we agree to sell you our products.
Charley Boutique agrees to supply you our products under these conditions and will not supply to you under any conditions not outlined here.
By placing an order with Charley Boutique you - the customer - have given your agreement to these TERMS AND CONDITIONS and RETURNS AND EXCHANGES CONDITIONS.
If you DO NOT AGREE with them then please DO NOT BUY the items.
If you would like to discuss any of these please email us at and we'd be very happy to explain these to you.

Charley Boutique wants you to be totally happy with your shoes but we understand that sometimes things might not be quite right and we're happy to help fix it.

We really are here to help you get great shoes but there are some things we need from you.

We accept returns of shoes as long as you notify us within 7 days after you receive your order as follows:

  • We would ideally like you to let us know that you want to do a return so we have a record of this to work with and to help you out better when processing the return.
  • You are welcome to call us, Facebook or Instagram message us (include order number as we often don't know you from your FB or Insta name), or email us with any queries you have about returns, the reason you are returning your shoes and that you have looked at this Returns and Exchanges page.
  • The returns process progresses reasonably quickly following your request.
  • You can exchange your shoes for another size/colour/style or for a credit note for shoes that are returned for change of mind, incorrect size purchased, dislike of fit and/or style.
  • If an exchange pair is sold out and no longer available then you will receive a credit note.
  • You will only be issued a credit note (no refund) for shoes that are returned due to change of mind, incorrect size purchased, dislike of fit and/or style of the item. This is a strict Condition of Sale. The reasons for this are explained below. If you do not want this Condition then please do not place an order.

This policy is in accordance with Australian consumer law. 

This credit note is valid for 3 years and is very flexible so can be used to purchase a different size, different colour, different style or different product.
If only part of the credit note is used, the balance stays with the credit note number for use whenever you next want to.
We will email you this credit note but if you forget it or can’t find it, we keep a record of it on our system and we can always tell you later what it is and how much you have left.


We offer a lovely range of bags made by the same manufacturer of our shoes. To help you in making your decision to buy we provide a good number of photos of each bag with close-ups and wearing styling so you can see what they look like. Bags do not have the same concerns as shoes around sizing or fit so, together with the pictures, you can be sure of what you are buying.

Because of this we don't accept returns on bag purchases unless required by Australian consumer law.


Charley Boutique wants to provide you with beautiful, stylish and comfortable shoes that make you look and feel great and do so at a great price. But to do this we need a bit of help from you by minimizing the cost and hassle of returns.
You can talk to us or email us or FB/IG chat with us to get your questions answered.

Please - SO IMPORTANT - if you have a special situation:

  • if your sizing is at the top or the bottom of our sizing range (size 4 and size 11) and you’re not sure if a size will fit you
  • if you have some problems with your feet and you’re not sure if a style is good for you
  • if you have a special event that needs a special style or colour or fit
  • if you have a special event that is URGENT and you must have ‘those’ shoes in a hurry

then by all means contact us to discuss it.

We know our shoes and we can usually get you the right fit and we will do what we can to get you what you want and what you need.

We would hugely prefer to talk to you instead of you ordering, getting the wrong size/colour/fit/etc shoes, and returning them with all the frustration, disappointment, hassle and postage cost – we can probably eliminate most of that. And we really are here to help.


We want you to have the best, most stylish and most comfortable shoes in Australia at a very affordable price.
Returns do indeed cost us money so these need to be minimised. Charley Boutique does not want to put the cost of excessive returns in our price.

So to keep the cost to you low all we ask is that we give you an exchange or a credit note for any (non-manufacturing fault) returns.
We have a huge range of shoes from flats to pumps to wedges to long winter boots plus bags and we refresh our range every six weeks or so. You will always and forever find things for you. So you will be able to use your credit note on some great shoes now or in the next delivery or two. It’s our way of keeping the prices down for you.

And with around 30% of purchases on the internet being returned to the sender that is an awful lot of trucks on the road, a lot of diesel fuel and packaging material just for returns.

Charley Boutique is very mindful of our environment and we want to reduce the impact as much as we can.


As part of the return or exchange you need to get your shoes back to us. You can either organize this yourself or get a Return Label from us.

We have made this easy for you by allowing you to create a Return Label online for a small charge of $7.85.
This Australia Post tracking label is simple (no writing of information required at all) as well as being trackable - by you and us - all the way back to our warehouse.

Charley Boutique subsidizes the postage by paying any postage due above the small contribution of $7.85 we ask of you.
This Return Label is applicable for any weight or package size so can be used for returns of one, two or more pairs of shoes to be returned in the one parcel.

Charley Boutique may withdraw the offer of our subsidized Return Label from you as part of the returns process under some circumstances and so it therefore not a right of the customer as part of the initial purchase of the item. In that case you, the customer, will need to cover the full cost of the return of the item. This will only occur in specific circumstances.

In order to generate your return label, add the RETURN LABEL product to your shopping cart, fill in the address that you are sending from and complete the purchase of $7.85.
We need to create this return label manually and email it to you which we will do within 24-48 hours (or even sooner!). It will definitely arrive in your inbox so please wait for it.


We can also accept returns in any of our stores and exchanges for something else (where available) or credit notes can be done immediately in that store if you wish. Just talk with our friendly staff.


We can only accept back returns and exchanges if they are in original condition and we can restock them into our inventory for selling, so ensure:

  • the shoes are unworn (trying them on around the house for a while is quite alright but mind not to scuff or damage them)
  • the shoes are returned in the shoe box with all the packaging material inside
  • the shoes have not been damaged, scuffed, scratched or marked in any way

Any shoes that do not meet these requirements for return will not be re-purchased by us and will be posted back to the customer.


Charley Boutique really wants you to get the best quality shoes and bags so they are checked three times: when they are manufactured, when we pick them for an order and when we pack them for an order.
We work hard to ensure we don’t send out shoes or bags that have a noticeable manufacturing or cosmetic fault. It is a hassle for us and for you to deal with such faults – and of course we hate to disappoint you – so we strive to eliminate them.

If however your shoes or bags do have a verified manufacturing fault we will address it as per Australia consumer law as follows:
Where the fault is minor or cosmetic we will repair it if possible and return your item to you. If we are unable to repair it we may then give you an identical style/colour/size as a replacement.
Where the fault is major you can elect to get a replacement item (either identical in style/colour/size if available or a different item – we are happy to work this out with you), or you can get a refund of payment.

  • You will be refunded back to your original payment method. Any refunds of items that were purchased with a credit note or gift voucher will be refunded as a credit note or gift voucher.

For us to assess the item as a possible manufacturing fault you need to:

  • provide us a description of:
    • what the fault is
    • where the fault is and on which shoe (right or left)
    • any information to allow us to identify the fault
    • provide one or more clear photos that show the fault (if applicable)
    • provide a photo of the soles of the shoes if requested

Please allow for up to 10 business days from us receiving your returned items to get back to you quickly as to whether your item meets the criteria of a manufacturing fault and will be accepted as a faulty return.
All items accepted as a manufacturing fault will also have the cost of the postage for the Return Label refunded to the customer.


When your return is approved you need to:

  • Put the shoes in their shoe box with all the packing inserted
  • Package up the shoe box or boxes in packaging suitable for posting back to us.
    • This can be in similar packaging as it arrived in. We don’t need you or want you to spend unnecessary money on boxes or extra packing from the post office for this.
    • All returns must be packaged in something. Do not tape up the shoe boxes or use them as outer packaging.
  • Print and attach the Return Label to the package – no need to write anything at all on the label – all information is included already in the label.
  • Hand the package over the counter at any Australia Post outlet – no need to pay anything or do anything extra.

When we receive your item and it is approved we will process it as per our policy outlined here or as per discussions we have with you about it and any credit notes or refund payment applicable will be made within 24-48 hours.

Charley Boutique is here to give you great shoes and we are very happy to work with you so you get the best experience possible.

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